Disclaimer 1

Disclaimer: Before investing we recommend that you read and understand the contents of the Master Prospectus dated 30 May 2011 that have been registered with the Securities Commission, who takes no responsibility of the contents. Units will be issued upon receipt of completed application form which is readily available together with the Master Prospectus at our main office or any of our authorised agents. Past earnings or a fund’s distribution is not a guarantee or reflection of the fund’s future earning/ future distribution. The prices of units and distribution payable if any, may go down as well as up. Where a unit split/distribution is declared, you are advised that following the issue of additional units/distribution, the net asset value per unit will be reduced from pre-unit split NAV/cum-distribution NAV to post-unit split NAV/ex-distribution NAV. Where a unit split is declared, the value of your investment in Malaysian ringgit terms will remain unchanged after the distribution of the additional units. Also consider the fees and charges involved before investing. This Fund has not been approved for sale or purchase by any authority outside Malaysia. Non-Malaysian residents are advise to observe all applicable laws and regulations of their relevant jurisdiction.