Investment Philosophy

Pheim adopts a predominantly value approach to investment. We seek out stocks that are at a discount relative to their underlying value, in the expectation that their share prices will rise at some point to more accurately reflect their true worth. Generally, we prefer companies that have focused management, enjoy high margins and earning growth, and low debt equity gearing, and whose shares trade at low price-earnings ratio and/or low price-to-book ratio. At times we may apply a combination of value and growth strategies, or putting greater focus on growth stocks to take advantage of market and business cycles.

As Asian markers tend to display greater price volatility, we believe that an active asset allocation strategy can add value to our investors. Thus, we do not believe in being fully invested at all times. Rather, we seek to trim our equity exposure near market peaks in order to preserve capital, and to be fully invested near markets troughs.

We strongly believe in asset allocation strategies that take advantage of major market trends, supported by good stock picks are key to superior out-performance without taking on unduly high risks.