Withdrawals & Switches

Can unit holders withdraw their investments?
How long will it take to receive my withdrawal (i.e. redemption) proceeds?
How am I paid when I sell my units?
Can I request that the Management Company make my withdrawals payable to a third party?
Can I switch between unit trust funds?
Are there any charges for switching?
Can I submit one transaction form for different transactions?

  • A unit holder may withdraw all or part of his/her units on any business day subject to a minimum redemption amount of at least 500 units.
  • If a unit holder wishes to withdraw all of his/her units, the minimum redemption amount above will not apply.
  • If a unit holder wishes to withdraw part of his/her units, he/she is advised to always maintain an account balance of 1,000 units. Pheim Unit Trusts reserves the right to levy an Account Maintenance Fee of RM10 in the event the Units of a Fund held by a unit holder are below 1,000 units.
  • The withdrawal process is as such:

Please click here for more details on withdrawals.

A valid redemption request before the cut-off time ( 4.00 p.m.) on any business day will be processed on the same day using the price set at the close of the business day (forward pricing).

If the said redemption request is received after the cut-off time, the redemption request will be processed on the next business day using the price set at the close of that business day.

If the application is received on a non-business day, the redemption will be processed on the next business day using the price set at the close of that business day.

Pheim Unit Trusts will pay the proceeds to the unit holder within 10 calendar days upon the receipt of the complete redemption documents.

All redemptions will be paid via a crossed check to the unit holder under his/her name.
Unfortunately not. All withdrawals will be made out ONLY in the name of the account holder. There will also be no issuance of any cash cheques.

Yes. A unit holder can switch all or parts of his/her investments of a particular Fund to the Units of another Fund managed by Pheim Unit Trusts.

Step 1: Complete the Transaction Form
Complete and sign the Transaction Form for redemption and switching purposes.

Step 2: Submit the Transaction Form
Submit the original copy of the transaction form to Pheim.

For more switching details, please contact our friendly customer service officer (603) 2142-8888.

For switches between any of the Funds, a unit holder will be given 1 free switch per account per calendar year. For any subsequent switching request during the year, unit holders will be charged a 1% switching fee of the repurchase proceeds or RM100, whichever is lower. The fees will be deducted from the repurchase proceeds.

No. Each transaction must be filled in a separate transaction form i.e. unit holders who wish to do a switch and a transfer must fill out two (2) separate transaction forms.