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External Fund Manager

Pheim Asset Management Sdn Bhd

The investment management, compliance and risk management functions of the Manager have been delegated to PAMSB, the holding company of the Manager.  As PAMSB is a holder of the Capital Markets Services Licence, the approval of the SC is not required for the delegation.

PAMSB commenced its operations on 4 January 1994. PAMSB is part of an established fund management group in Malaysia and Singapore. Founded by Dr Tan Chong Koay, the Pheim Asset Management Group (“Pheim Group”) currently comprises 3 offices, namely PAMSB, Pheim Asset Management (Asia) Pte Ltd and PUTB. The Pheim Group specializes in investing in the equity markets of Malaysia, ASEAN and Asia ex-Japan.

As a delegate of the Manager, PAMSB implements the investment strategies determined by the investment committee and manages the Funds on behalf of the Manager. PAMSB also performs the compliance and risk management functions on behalf of the Manager.

PAMSB has discretionary authority over the investments of the Funds subject to the Guidelines and regulations issued by the relevant authorities, i.e. the SC and Bank Negara Malaysia.

PAMSB reports to the investment committee of the Funds on a monthly basis on the status of the Funds, proposes investment strategies and discusses matters relating to the Funds. Apart from the monthly meetings, the investment committee will meet with PAMSB more frequently should circumstances require.

The remuneration of PAMSB is borne by the Manager.

As at 31 December 2020, the total staff strength of PAMSB is fifteen (14). The total value of the assets under management is RM909.72 million.

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Investment Analyst of the Funds

Cik. Hanis Suraya

Cik. Hanis Suraya joined Pheim Asset Management Sdn Bhd in early 2021 where she is responsible for providing analysis and evaluation to fund managers as an investment analyst. She is also responsible to give valuation and investment action under her coverage mainly utilities and oil and gas for local. As for regional, she is co-covering Korea. Hanis Suraya holds a degree in Bachelor of Science (Hons) in Investment Management from Universiti teknologi MARA and graduated in 2020.

Ms. Law Yin-Lyn

Ms. Law Yin-Lyn joined Pheim Asset Management Sdn Bhd as an investment analyst in 2021 where she is responsible for providing analysis, evaluation and investment actions on the companies that are under her coverage. On the portfolio management side, she assists fund managers in managing funds and this responsibility includes deploying strategic and tactical portfolio management based on the current view. The method is applied to all clients’ portfolio, which are investing in Asia and Malaysia.

She started her career in the financial industry in 2016 as an equity analyst at RHB Asset Management Sdn Bhd. She has experience covering the consumer, manufacturing, and technology sectors.

Miss Law Yin-Lyn holds a degree in Bachelor of Commerce from the Australian National University and graduated in 2013.

Note: With effect from January 2018, En. Ede Irwan Bin Abdul Rahim & Mr. Fung Chee Fui have resigned as Fund Managers. 

Note: Mr. Leong Hoe Kit is no longer the Chief Executive Officer of Pheim Asset Management Sdn Bhd (“PAMSB”) and Non-Independent Director of Pheim Unit Trusts Berhad (“PUTB”). The profile of Mr. Leong is hereby deleted in its entirety.

Note: With effect from August 2021, Wan Ahmad Mohsin have resigned as Fund Managers.